Keep Calm and Carry On.

Waiting for Biopsy Results

If you have an abnormal finding in your breast, you may need a biopsy to check whether or not it’s breast cancer. Although it can be scary, keep in mind most breast biopsies in the U.S. don’t show cancer [1].

Waiting for your biopsy results can be hard. Be sure to ask your health care provider when you can expect the results.

If breast cancer is found, it can be treated. With standard treatment, most people with early-stage breast cancers have a good prognosis (high chance of survival).

Learn about breast cancer treatment.

While you wait for your biopsy results

Stay busy. Keep your normal routine. Do things you enjoy.

Talk with your family and friends. Use your support system. Talking about your fears may make them a little less worrisome.

Get informed. Learn about possible results and potential next steps from trusted organizations like Susan G. Komen®. This may help you feel more in control.

Too much information can be overwhelming though. Read what you’re comfortable with and set the rest aside for later. 

Understanding your diagnosis

If the biopsy results show you have breast cancer, learning about the factors that affect prognosis and treatment can help you understand your diagnosis. Then, together with your health care provider, you can make informed decisions about your treatment.

The biopsy results are found in your pathology report.

Updated 11/12/21