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BAPS Charities

Taking steps to further support our mission 

BAPS Charities’ In the Joy of Others Walk | Run! is organized throughout North America in support of their local communities.  Year after year, BAPS Charities’ events remind us that we can go further when we go together.  Each step taken in support of Susan G. Komen® and their efforts to address breast cancer on multiple fronts that contribute to the joy of others. These events are organized to celebrate the most fundamental element of any community – families – and inspire tens of thousands of people to carry forth the spirit of service.  

Along with BAPS Charities continuous activities and programs, they are proud to once again support Susan G. Komen in 2022 and their fight to address breast cancer from multiple fronts. The walk, like all BAPS Charities activities, is driven by the belief that In the Joy of Others, Lies Our Own. 

In 2021, BAPS Charities joined Komen’s summer Match Campaign. This campaign provided donors the opportunity to double their impact thanks to a generous gift from BAPS Charities. BAPS Charities has contributed over $80k to support Komen’s cause. BAPS Charities will again be joining Susan G. Komen as a summer Match partner in June of 2022.

To find a In the Joy of Others Walk | Run near you, click here.


About BAPS Charities

For over a decade, BAPS Charities has been engaging in a wide array of charitable activities and projects in the United States while also supporting philanthropic projects around the world.  It is through these activities and projects that thousands of volunteers in centers across the United States are living the Spirit of Service.  

BAPS Charities harnesses the efforts and collective spirit of volunteers around the world to serve individuals, families and communities in 5 key areas: community empowerment, educational services, environmental protection & preservation, health & wellness, and humanitarian relief.  Taken together, these initiatives empower individuals to volunteer their time and resources to create a better community, nation and world.