Accelerating Research

Biomedical research is the driving force behind decades of advances that have improved the health of people in every corner of America – including the lives of those affected by breast cancer. Advances that were once unimaginable have been achieved and have opened a world of unprecedented opportunities for science, medicine and health. With a robust and sustained investment in biomedical research the possibilities would be endless.

As significant as funding is for biomedical research, we must not overlook the role clinical trials play in the overall progression of research programs. Clinical trials demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new drugs and drug combinations as well as validate non-drug interventions. Clinical trials have the potential to both greatly improve individual patient health outcomes and improve treatment options for all patients. Unfortunately, many patients are unaware of opportunities to participate or unable to participate in clinical trials and consequently are unable to benefit. Successful clinical research requires patients be able to access clinical trials.

Accelerating Research Priorities

  • Expand federal funding for all biomedical research, especially breast cancer research, conducted at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and at the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Support state funding for breast cancer research programs conducted through state institutions.
  • Support increased education about and access to clinical trials for all patient populations, including those populations traditionally excluded from clinical research.